Space Hero’s Founding Partners Honored with Compassionate Leader Award

Nataly Blumberg
2 min readFeb 10, 2022


Thomas Reemer and Deborah Sass receive honor

Compassionate Leaders Circle honored Space Hero’s founding partners and Co-CEOs, Thomas Reemer and Deborah Sass with a 2022 Compassionate Leaders Award, at the second annual virtual ceremony on February 3, 2022.

Deborah and Thomas are among eight honorees worldwide representing all open-hearted leaders. “Every year we honor a select group of individuals who embody compassionate leadership,” said Laurel Donnellan, Founder, Compassionate Leaders Circle. “Thomas and Deborah represent leaders everywhere who are using their influence to make a positive impact on people and our planet. At a time when the world faces unprecedented challenges, they’re leading the international Space Hero team with compassion, collaboration, and kindness. The world needs more leaders like them.”

Deborah and Thomas are among eight honorees worldwide representing all open-hearted leaders

Compassionate Leaders Circle nominees are evaluated against seven criteria. The 7 C’s of Compassionate Leadership include:

  1. Contemplative. Take time to pause and deeply reflect, emerging wiser and more self-compassionate.
  2. Curious. Learn and listen proactively.
  3. Confident. Believe in their visions and themselves.
  4. Compassionate. Use influence to prevent and alleviate the suffering of others.
  5. Collaborative. Empower all stakeholders to use their strengths and be leaders.
  6. Civil. Demonstrate respect when confronted with differing points of view and other challenges.
  7. Courageous. Advocate strongly for themselves, their values, and their stakeholders.

“The Space Hero team are from 87 different countries and speak 14 different languages,” said Reemer. “Leading with an open-heart and open-mind is crucial to the success of our company when you have so many different cultures, backgrounds and opinions.”

Sass added: “One of the most important initiatives at Space Hero is that EVERYONE counts — regardless of gender, education, income, or location — humankind should all have the ability to reach the stars and go to Space.”

Space Hero is the world‘s first-ever global competition series where contestants compete for a $55-million, 10-day trip to Space; the biggest prize ever awarded on TV. The competition for this once-in-a-lifetime journey will be open to anyone over 18 who speaks English. This is the remarkable journey of heroes from all over the world to be elected by the global public as their representative of humankind in Space.

Space Hero has established relationships with over 115 space agencies and companies in over 80 countries, including NASA, the Japanese space agency JAXA, the Canadian space agency CSA, and the Nigerian and the Brazilian space agencies. The series will kick off with a global search for everyday people from any background who share a deep love for space exploration, beginning in spring 2022.



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