Sasha Prendes Storms Global Music Scene with New Single and Promising Partnership with AJA Live Inc.

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Newcomer Sasha Prendes is making waves in the global music scene with her captivating sound. Her debut single, ‘Shake This’, part of the ‘No Really, I’m Fine’ EP, has reached the #16 spot on the world chart and is gaining rapid traction on over 300 radio stations in Europe. This success is the first offering from AJA Live Inc., the innovative record label launched by industry veteran Darrell Lawrence.

Sasha Prendes — Shake This

Born in New Jersey and raised in Kansas, Sasha Prendes is representing a new generation of Latino-American musicians. She skillfully bridges her Cuban heritage with American pop culture, creating a distinct sound that has made her a standout figure in today’s diverse musical landscape.

AJA Live Inc., led by seasoned music professional Darrell Lawrence, has chosen Sasha as its flagship artist. This strategic decision points to Sasha’s unique talent and reflects Lawrence’s ability to spot, nurture, and promote promising musicians. The duo shares an almost telepathic connection, with Lawrence able to tap into Sasha’s experiences and emotions, translating them into vibrant, resonating music.

‘No Really, I’m Fine’ explores the tribulations of toxic relationships and the journey toward mature love. It does so with a playful yet candid tone, taking listeners on an emotional rollercoaster that leaves them both reflective and eager to dance. Lawrence’s songwriting combines with Sasha’s personal experiences, resulting in a lyrical journey that embodies Sasha’s lively spirit and resilience.

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‘Shake This’ is a standout track from the EP. Sasha’s tender and slightly husky vocals take center stage, only to be complemented by an unexpected twist — a feature from Argentinian rapper, Sadier the Sensation. The track showcases Sasha’s multicultural identity, combining American and Latin influences in a captivating musical fusion.

Although Sasha had recorded her own music in the past, this collaboration with Lawrence proved pivotal in helping her find her authentic voice. Lawrence’s intuitive understanding of Sasha’s experiences has resulted in songs that truly represent who she is as a person and artist.

Sasha’s musical journey began in her childhood, influenced by her parents and grandparents who kept their Cuban culture alive in their Kansas home. Now, Sasha carries that heritage forward, interweaving Spanish and English in her songs to represent the fusion of her identities.

AJA LIVE INC. presents Sasah Prendes

Lawrence’s significant contributions to the music industry span 35 years, with accomplishments including Grammy nominations, gold and platinum records, and radio awards. He has contributed to the success of numerous artists, worked on major film scores, and produced ad campaigns for Fortune 500 Companies like Reebok, Pepsi, and Ford.

Sasha’s debut EP has already made a significant impact on the music industry, signaling her arrival as a notable new talent. The combination of Sasha’s authenticity and Lawrence’s industry expertise is proving to be a winning formula.

As her career continues to ascend, Sasha remains committed to creating music that combines fun, relatability, and profound meaning. Her goal is to make a positive impact on her listeners by producing music that can be a source of strength during challenging times.

The future promises more exciting offerings from Sasha Prendes. With her unique blend of Latino-American sounds and Lawrence’s adept production, this dynamic duo is set to redefine the musical landscape. Sasha’s grateful acknowledgment of her journey thus far embodies her spirit: “I am so blessed and grateful I did follow that star.”

This rising star is not only gaining international recognition but also shaping a new era of Latino-American music. Sasha Prendes and AJA Live Inc., with their shared vision and mutual understanding, are a force to be reckoned with in the global music industry. As Sasha continues to follow her northern star, there’s no doubt that she’ll keep lighting up the world with her talent.



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