Lunch N Learn with Hestia Harlow’s Marielle Shortell

Nataly Blumberg
3 min readMar 16, 2021


Hi! Can you give us a a quick intro on yourself?

My name is Marielle Shortell. I am a serial entrepreneur, owner of an event production company, called Silver Lining Design Group, as well as my latest venture, Hestia Harlow. I am married to a Brit, and I think we connected most on our love for travel, adventure, food, and our love to entertain. We have 2 incredible children, our son Piers (13) and our daughter, Sutton (3). We live in Bethesda MD a suburb outside of DC.

Please tell us about Hestia Harlow and how you got started.

Hestia Harlow was conceived several years ago with the notion to help anyone entertain. I wanted to provide the same resources that event planners have with tricks, tips, cuisines, design tips, and access to rentals and products. I wanted to be able to direct anyone to a simple, visually beautiful website catered to guide a user in making beautiful choices and entertain effortlessly.

For many, gatherings may still be more intimate. How can it still be special?

I personally like smaller more intimate gatherings. It provides an opportunity to focus on your guests and the details. This could include personalized touches such as name cards, table games, take away gifts, plated dinners (vs buffet), a beautifully set table, and many more …. But most importantly, with smaller groups, we are able to connect further in conversation. This is the perfect time to make those around you feel special.

What’s the #1 comment that clients make about your service?

We receive a lot of great feedback, but I have to say that one that is most often repeated is “I don’t have the to do the dishes!”. I think many people dislike entertaining because of the prep and the clean-up. With HH, once the event is over, you can send the dirty dishes back to us!

Do you have a favorite recipe that’s easy to make in a short amount of time?

Favorite recipe is by far an easy Southern Italian meal. I love a great Caprese salad- literally a few ingredients thrown together in less than 5 min. For a main course, pesto pasta. Again a few ingredients thrown in a food processor and then mixed with just cooked pasta. So yummy, and I think I can prepare the complete meal in less than 15 min. To finish it off, some gelato and of course, limoncello. The best meal to make is one you are comfortable with.

Any predictions for 2021?

I believe 2021 is a year of hope. I think people are getting vaccinated and seeing the light at the end of the quarantine tunnel. I know, once we feel safe to move around, travel and gatherings will be back in full swing. In the meantime, I see a lot of outdoor entertaining happening. Picnics, outdoor movie nights, yard games, and glamping are really amplified this year and luxe touches really make them extra special.



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