Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your organization?

After learning that there are 40,000 Jews in North Brooklyn with little-to-no connection to local Jewish life, it became clear that there was a need for a new, family-friendly concept in the neighborhood. In an effort to bridge the gap and strengthen the Jewish community, Allyson Stone and Leah Fink started B’nai Brooklyn in 2019. Both Allyson and Leah are community organizers in North Brooklyn. Allyson runs a Brooklyn-based marketing company, Stoneshine Ventures and Leah consults as a life coach with her own brand at Leah Wiseman Fink.

Hi! Can you give us a a quick intro on yourself?

My name is Marielle Shortell. I am a serial entrepreneur, owner of an event production company, called Silver Lining Design Group, as well as my latest venture, Hestia Harlow. I am married to a Brit, and I think we connected most on our love for travel, adventure, food, and our love to entertain. We have 2 incredible children, our son Piers (13) and our daughter, Sutton (3). We live in Bethesda MD a suburb outside of DC.

Born in New York Donna Leah spent many hours of her youth dreaming and drawing the types of clothing that she wanted to wear — bold colors, dynamic textures, and designs that were based on how they made you feel and not the time of day to wear them. A graduate of New York’s famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) the American designer chose to base her brand, Donna Leah Designs, in Miami where the dynamic energy of the city and love of nature sparks her concepts.

We focus on innovative businesses and exciting entrepreneurs. Things get even more interesting when doing good is involved. Recently, we heard that Once Upon a Farm, the beloved kid nutrition brand, launched their newest organic, cold-pressed, fruit & veggie blend, Farmer Jen’s Sweet Potato Pie.

For every Farmer Jen’s Sweet Potato Pie pouch purchased, $0.25 will be donated to Save the Children (up to $50,000) — a non-profit organization helping kids grow up healthy, educated and safe across rural America. That’s amazing!

Items will be available to purchase exclusively on the Once Upon a Farm website starting on Giving Tuesday…

October is the month to recognize the countless achievements made by our country’s female entrepreneurs. It’s also a time to recognize the positive impact they are making on jobs and the economy. Currently, there are over 12 million women-owned businesses in the United States and they employ close to 10 million people. This generates more than $2 trillion in annual sales revenue. Since 2007, the number of women-owned companies has increased by an impressive 45%. Learn more about National Women’s Small Business Month on the U.S. Small Business Administration website.

Did you know that prior to 1988, when the H.R…

Serenity Kids

We recently had a lovely chat with Serenity Kids founders Joe and Serenity Carr. Often we focus on female founder interviews and this was a refreshing and exciting time to chat with a passionate husband and wife team. They are making a positive change in the lives of future generations, one healthy meal at a time. Hear more about how they got started and what it’s like to be life and business partners. You can also find lots of great information on their website and blog.

  1. When and why did you start your company?

Serenity: We started the company in…


If there’s one piece of parenting advice that I’ve heard over and over again, it’s “pick your battles.” But what if I’m not looking to battle, but to find a middle ground? Do I have to give in all together? One area where I find this happening — and please don’t stop reading when I say this — is with what my kids wear.

Jennifer Lindbom, AICP | President & Founder, CAS Group

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Lindbom, the founder and President of City and Sea Group (CAS Group). The firm provides professional consulting services in four key areas: technical advisory services, urban planning & engagement, coastal & marine engineering, and program management / construction management. Recently, Jennifer shared her thoughts on how CAS Group is unique to the industry, reflections on the company’s tenth anniversary, and what it’s like to be a female founder in a male dominated field.

What inspired you to start CAS Group?

I have always forged my own path, been open to new opportunities and…

When and why did you start your company?

Volto Urbano formally launched in early 2020, just in time to be overtaken by the Covid-19 crisis, but in truth, I started this company in my dreams when I was a girl growing up in the Philippines. Skincare and beauty were such a big part of our lives and I wanted to be known for helping people heal and care for their skin.

I moved from Hawaii to California to begin undergrad at University of Southern California and suddenly experienced for the first time frequent breakouts and dryness. I tried everything from…

There are so many reasons to be stressed these days. Work, kids being home, and many of us are less able to see friends and family that keep our spirits up. Anyone that feels depressed or has high levels of anxiety should get professional advice and see a doctor. If you are the type of person that is looking for some friendly advice, here are tips that are proven to work.

Choose bath products that make you happy when you smell them and help you relax. A smell can carry us back to a specific time and place in ways…

Nataly Blumberg

Born from a long line of entrepreneurs with a passion to keep learning from and loving them.

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